Fjolla Myftari | FOUNDER & CEO

After her studies in business administration & startup experience in San Fancisco, she founded Grenion with €500 as starting capital. As product initiator of the various Grenion brands, Fjolla is an entrepreneur with a strong passion for innovative products, brand building and strategy development.


Nik founded several software companies (e.g. Spotted, CodaTech) with a strong passion for creating value for millions of customers with multi-million EUR investments. Especially through his activity as an entrepreneur he brings experience in business development, e-commerce, marketing and strategy development.

Louis De Laigue| HEAD OF FINANCE / M&A

Experienced Leveraged Finance professional with a 12-year career track record of executing and syndicating multi sector large and mid cap LBO transactions for PE firms in New York, London and Paris. Deep understanding of financial analysis, financial modelling, risk management and performance monitoring.


David is a serial entrepreneur and career CEO. He co-founded Wonder Brands with his wife Stacy as a direct extension to his life’s work building scaled branded businesses, using his experience to nurture young brands toward growth.

David’s legacy includes the founding of Homestead, the acquiring of London Fog and his tenure as Divisional President and CEO at both Li & Fung and Himatsingka.

David also serves on the executive board of the Delivering Good Charity.

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